tisdag 20 november 2012



Global One has started Phase II
"The Elements of Wealth"

This foundation of GlobalOne is about you earning money and providing a great future for you, friends and your family. We will assist you in understanding all facets of money, empowerment, and global wealth.

AND ...

Our Compensation Plan #1: Infinity   :

Infinity is the easiest part of the compensation plan. Simply put, it is a 3×10 company forced matrix. There is not a requirement to refer others, as it is possible to receive both spillover and spillunder from your team. So that is easy.  

Infinity pays out every 3 days, or 10 times per month. Like with the other compensation plans, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep. Nice! 5 generations deep.

However, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on everyone who falls on your 4th level of the matrix.

Therefore, members can receive up to 26 payouts per month as a standard affiliate.  If you refer others, you can receive up to an additional 26 payouts per month for every referral down to 5 generations deep.

I - L-O-V-E - IT !!

Photo: This Pix says it all for most of us today!

You must join us !

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