tisdag 11 februari 2014



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onsdag 23 januari 2013

January 22nd will be a date to remember, this is the date we 
have gone LIVE!

In your backoffice you will find the compensation plan in writing. 
It is under the 'Generations' tab and downloadable. Please study 
it as it has a lot of information.

You will find some changes to what you have been hearing up 
till now, but I can tell you, I have never seen a comp plan as 
great, with such great earning potential as OUR comp plan!

The company will provide training on the diverse aspects of the 
compensation plan. A lot of different leaders will be featured in 
those training calls.

Try to be a little patient until we get trained by the company, 
or talk to your upline or his upline with questions you may have.

Under products you will find the link to iGoShopping, through 
which you will be able to register as an affiliate member and 
then will be forwarded to your eWallet to pay for the monthly 
subscription of $ 19.95.

In the course of Wednesday you will receive an email with your 
referral link and further instructions on how to login to your own 
shopping mall.

Months of waiting, months of patience, which were hard to handle 
for many, we can now leave behind us. 

==>>This is the time to get moving:

- If you never activated your account, do it now. Choose to participate 
in Elements of Wealth (through the 'upgrade' tab) for a monthly 
subscription fee of $10 to $100 per month or choose for iGoShopping 
for $19.95 through the 'products' tab in your backoffice.

- If you did activate earlier, but haven't renewed, you can choose to 
cancel your Elements of Wealth subscription in your eWallet (my 
account --> subscriptions) and apply for iGoShopping affiliate 

- If you are still active in Elements of Wealth you have shared the 
vision, that to start with ;), but you now have the option to add 
iGoShopping to your business or substitute EoW with iGoShopping.

This is only the beginning. As per tonight's call, travel will be launched 
soon after iGoShopping is completely up and running. Plus there is so 
much more coming.

The paradigm shift now really has kicked off, with the wide array of 
innovative products that are planned to be rolled out in the coming 
weeks and months.

We will show the world Global One is synonym for a secure future 
for you and your family, a company that nothing, really nothing will 
be able to even start to compete with!

To your success!

Lars Andersson

onsdag 26 december 2012

Global one Shopping Mall is ready to launge.

Soon after Global Travel and Fase 3

Now it is happening

Join Now

fredag 14 december 2012

This night is one to remember: Spinfinity is kicking in! And, even better, 
it will be retro active per December 1st. This means, IF you are active 
(there are still inactive members, see our previous email) and qualified 
you will receive a lump sum for all pay cycles since Dec 1st up til and 
including Dec 12th in your snapshot of the 16th. How great a company 
can be for its members?!?!?!

Recorded call Dec. 13:

More news as per the call this night:

- iGoShopping mall will be here, likely next week!
- Elements of Wealth for customer sales
- coming this year, new website with bells and whistles
- coming really soon, iGo Global Travel
- coming next year: bio products
- coming next year: Digital Media Center which is unique....
we are the first ones 
licensed to it, all commissionable!
- coming next year: Gold and Silver business
- coming next year: social networking

And we can pick what products we would like to be involved in!

This is only the beginning and you and we.....are all part of it!

Just take the time to listen to this call yourself and get encouraged, 
get the feeling on the magnitude of this company and its potential.... 
realize YOUR potential as well! 

This time of the year will be awesome for everyone that kept the 
faith....it will create enormous momentum as people will now start 
realizing how great an opportunity this really is and will become. 

A multi billion or even trillion company! For all of you that felt you 
were selling air bubbles, this is it, your physical products will be 
there. The second compensation plan has kicked in, first pay 
just 3 days away.

Happy Holidays everyone!

ps. Don't forget Saturday's advanced training on Elements of 
Wealth! Link will be published in your back office.

If you have any questions give me a call or just reply here

Please make sure you pass this on to your teams as I do NOT 
have their info

To Your Massive Success, see you at the TOP!!

måndag 10 december 2012

‎.... Do you want to be part of the future?...

Global One is still in their Fase2 of development and we have

already earned our commissions on their 1st play plan, soon 

they will release the remaining 2 plans.

Five entry levels, 1000's of products to be launched in Dec

 And January.

Not to be missed in this early days and...... they mean


tisdag 4 december 2012

Important recorded call from Jane: 
"Are you ready?"  https://www.facebook.com/groups/428007340575817/

fredag 30 november 2012

Interesting replay of the Top Team Call, Nov. 29 -

Just found this on FB: Sotty Evans UPDATE!
Listen to the audio version