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global one spinfinity logoGlobal One is a new international social marketing company getting ready to launch in the coming days. I will update this article as more details become available.
Trying to classify Global One or it’s pre-launch brand, Ultimate Power Profits, is a bit tricky. It’s definitely a network marketing style of company, but with some new twists that might actually appeal to a broader audience.
The twists come in the form of both the products, which number in the hundreds, and it’s compensation plan which at first glance looks similar to the Da Vinci Code. But don’t make the mistake of blowing off something that initially seems difficult to understand. Because when we dig into what Global One has cooking, it just may be the first thing to come out in the home business world that is truly unique, in a long time.

Online Trend

At time of this post the Overall Alexa ranking for Ultimatepowerprofits.com, which is the pre-launch website for Global One, is 1,252. That is pretty astounding for a pre-launch website. Daily Alexa rankings have cracked the top 500, beating out every company in the entire online home business niche.
There is no data yet from MLMRankings.com. They typically don’t start tracking until live launch so we’ll update this soon.

Company History of Global One

Global One is in pre-launch, with estimated launch to be mid to late September of 2012. The CEO is Scotty Evans. Mr. Evans has a fairly limited profile thus far. We were able to find a few sources of information that definitely indicate he’s been involved in some major entrepreneurial undertakings heavily concentrated in the Telecommunications field. Scotty is said to be a visionary who helps start ups in various industries, with vast connections in the global business space.
While the forums debate Mr. Evan’s background and the legitimacy of rumors that he’s well-connected to a group of extremely wealthy entrepreneurs…  his vision for Global One would have to lend credence to those statements in order to pull it off.
This is not your typical network marketing company launch. There are many hush-hush proprietary pieces to an expansive, multi-industry business plan.

Global One Products Overview

This section might have to be a separate review eventually. The list of planned products for Global One is extensive. Areas slated for launch in a gradual process are:
  • Financial Education And Coaching Program
  • Proprietary Auto and Boat protectants and cleaning products
  • Full Service Online Travel Agency, where members actually become card-carrying agents
  • Bio-eco-science products for the home that are said to be industry disrupting and patent-pending
  • Engineered Water to be sold at retail, another exclusive
  • Online shopping portal with discounts on thousands of brand and luxury items
  • Entertainment Media – music, gaming, DVD, and electronic books
  • And yes, there is a Penny Auction planned, which however has been put on the back burner pending the fallout from the Zeek Rewards shutdown. They are confident that it will be launched, but that are being very prudent to ensure full legal complaince in a space that is currently under close watch by the SEC

Investment Levels To Get Started

Global One will have no initial start up fee other than the monthly plans offered for access to the core product. That product is slated to be the Financial Education program called “Wealthwise”. Members will be able to join at levels ranging from $10 to $100 monthly. We’ll update this as more products rollout but the understanding is that the monthly commitment to be in business will stay in the $10 to $100 range regardless of what products you choose.

Global One Compensation Plan

The comp plan is also going to need it’s own section, and you can check out a more indepth article on that here. There are essentially 3 components.
  • Spinnfinity – a proprietary profit-sharing plan that will give everybody a chance to earn money just for remaining as an active customer, but however increases exponentially for those who refer customers and build teams. The plan is said to pay members at least every 6 days, as the member base is divided into 3 groups that rotate daily into one of 3 groups of Spinfinity, 2 of which are paying positions. If you’re head is spinning already, now you know why it’s called Spinfinity. Ok kidding, it’s actually because each rotation is referred to as a “spin”. Very innovative and as you dig and understand it, the power of it starts to sink in.
  • Infinity – This is a somewhat traditional looking, but distinct take on a 3 x 10 matrix commission plan. One key difference is that once you get to the first of 5 star levels in Global One, you open up your matrix to infinity. That, I’ve not seen before. One common complaint about Matrix’s is that you can miss out on the production of leaders if they end up to far down in your matrix. Not with Infinity. Plus, Star leaders will be able to bring on other industry leaders and give them the ability to put a holding tank feature on their Matrix, allowing them to put there leaders in the optimal position. If this is all greek to you then don’t worry about it… the bottom line is that it’s intended to be a feature that allows established industry leaders to move their teams to Global One, which is good for new members because they can get more interest from people with large teams in other companies.
  • GO Global Bonus- this is another profit-sharing pool where 50% of profits from all company sales will be place, including several products sold completely outside of membership involvement that will be on the shelves in Walmart for example, and industrial products used in agriculture. Shares in the pool increase per your customer activity and leadership levels. All members will share in this pool at some level.

Editor’s Global One Recommendation

Global One brings many potentially attractive components to the table that attempt to address most of the major issues that have plagued the home business industry since its inception. I for one, find the vision to be inspiring, so much so that I joined the company. While is has not yet launched, the crop of innovative products combined with an exciting comp plan that let’s everyone get some income coming their way, is a recipe for great retention and customer loyalty.
Additionally, the company has stated they are not concerned with members promoting multiple companies, even competing companies. They invite competition… now that is a refreshing statement.
I’m excited about what future holds for this company and obviously since I myself decided to join, can give a strong recommendation to join the program

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