fredag 21 september 2012

This weekend they will be expanding servers and doing testing
on the comp plans so that we all get paid properly!!


(That's the ONLY way we get paid and you will pay for your
first month of membership!!)

How to pay your invoice, read:

In preparation for our launch, it is necessary to expand our computer servers 
to deliver outstanding service. We have choose the upcoming weekend, 
September 21 – 23, to complete this necessary and routine task. 

Please note that during this expansion there may be intermittent times that 
login may not be accessible.

However, we have a mission for all of you — we ask that you all click on the 
GO picture below and join us on Facebook as our friend! This is a great 
opportunity for all of us to form one of the strongest social network communities 

Plus, when you LIKE us on Facebook, you can interact with the GO TEAM 
and stay up to date on our social media updates! Within the next week we 
will be launching our GLOBALONE NEWSROOM VIDEO SERIES so 
stayed tuned! 

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing all of you on Facebook!

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